Friday, February 10, 2017

My favorite tv show

My all time favorite show is Walking Dead. It is about a virus that spread through the whole world. The virus brings people back from the dead but the people are zombies and these zombies eat other living humans. The show follows a group of people who try and survive in this new world. They lose many living spaces and they lose some people throughout the show. My favorite character is Rick he is the main person in the group. He leads them and decides what to do while they are trying to survive. It is a very intense and sometimes scary show. here is a link if you want to watch a episode of the show.

My second favorite show is Hell on Wheels. It is about how the East and the West raced to see who can get the railroad done first. Its follows a guy named Collin and he is a former soldier for the Civil War. He works on the railroad to stay out of jail and becomes the best worker they have. He becomes the boss and leads the railroad to the mountains. Then he leaves the railroad to find his missing wife and ends p working for the other railroad because it is on route to where his wife is. It is a very awesome show. here is a link if you want to watch a episode of the show.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

About my culture and home

I am half British form my moms side and I am half American from my dads side. My mom loves to drink tea a lot but I don't like it. I love how my mom brings food and games from Britain for the holidays. My dad comes from a hard working blue collar family. I love Fortuna and how my family can all go out and go fishing and hiking when ever we want its so much fun. I love how i can go out every Monday,Thursday and yesterday to play baseball with all my friends.My mom always gets Christmas poppers and when you pull them the pop and there is a toy and a joke inside that we all say while were eating dinner.

If I could change something about fortuna is that I would add more places to go out and eat. That is it I wouldn't want to change anything else. But I would like to have more trails in Fortuna to go hiking. If I could change my culture I woukld have my mom bring more food and games from Britain. I wouldn't want to change anything in my home or culture.

Monday, September 19, 2016

About Me

Hello my name is Joshua. I like to play baseball and I also like football. Our school here in Fortuna is awesome. Everyone is friendly and we have so many electives we can take like auto to theater. The environment in Humboldt is awesome most of the people are friendly. I love playing baseball it is my favorite sport. My favorite position is second base. I don't play football but i love to watch it at the school with all my friends.  

 I also like playing video games. I have a lot of my friends I play with and we all play together. My favorite game is called counter strike. Humboldt is really beautiful with all the trees and the ocean. My favorite team for professional football is the Chiefs. My favorite professional baseball team is the Dodgers. I have 1 brother and his name is Jacob and he loves baseball to.