Tuesday, September 20, 2016

About my culture and home

I am half British form my moms side and I am half American from my dads side. My mom loves to drink tea a lot but I don't like it. I love how my mom brings food and games from Britain for the holidays. My dad comes from a hard working blue collar family. I love Fortuna and how my family can all go out and go fishing and hiking when ever we want its so much fun. I love how i can go out every Monday,Thursday and yesterday to play baseball with all my friends.My mom always gets Christmas poppers and when you pull them the pop and there is a toy and a joke inside that we all say while were eating dinner.

If I could change something about fortuna is that I would add more places to go out and eat. That is it I wouldn't want to change anything else. But I would like to have more trails in Fortuna to go hiking. If I could change my culture I woukld have my mom bring more food and games from Britain. I wouldn't want to change anything in my home or culture.

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